Merrov (padfootthegrim) wrote in weloverodney,

Fic: Twelve Steps To Bodice Ripping (McShep, Markham/Stackhouse, NC-17)

Title: Twelve Steps to Bodice Ripping
Author: padfootthegrim AKA Merrov
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: If I owned Stargate, they wouldn’t be suitable for general consumption.
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, Markham/Stackhouse, past mention of Sheppard/Jackson
Genres: Humour, romance, semi-crack (because, really, what fic with Markham and Stackhouse couldn’t be?), semi-AU verse (because how dare they kill Markham in season one?!)
Summary: “Leeeemoooons!” Rodney howled, unsure if he was laughing or having a panic attack.
Word Count: 3,721
Author’s Note: This crazy thing is full of inside jokes for fawkesielady_ed, who loves pining!fics, first times, and Markham/Stackhouse, among other things. It should be just as enjoyable for others, too. HUGE thanks to Anais for writing Dr. Jackson’s Diary, because really, without that, this would not have ever come about in this form.
Pressed for time, so this hasn’t been to a beta yet, but I wanted to get it out in time for sga_santa!madness!

Fic: Twelve Steps to Bodice Ripping
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