gemmi999 (gemmi999) wrote in weloverodney,

Fic: And Yes (McKay is a Slut)

Title: And Yes (McKay is a Slut)
Author: Gemmi999
Rating: NC-17
Notes: My first smut piece, please be honest. Written for Telesilla's prompt: I want some seriously kinky SGA porn in which either John or Rodney brings the other down hard using either heavy pain or heavy humiliation or--ideally--both. And oh man, so many bonus points if it's Rodney--still himself: all pushy and stubborn right up to the point where he's not any more--on the bottom.
Summary: “Please what?” John looked at McKay, waiting for an answer. “Please use you? Please touch your body and make it hurt, that good hurt that makes you come harder and faster then teenagers in the backseat of their parents car?"
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