Techie (bitemetechie) wrote in weloverodney,

Announcing The Skiffy Awards!

Hi there! I'm an official representative of the Skiffy Awards (The Ultimate Character Centric Fan Fiction Awards), and I'm here to spread the news that the Skiffys are now accepting fan fiction nominations. The Skiffys are different from most other fan fic awards in that each character has their own categories and sub-categories, so that if you're looking for the best of the best O'Neill Hurt/Comfort or Sheppard Humor, you know where to find it.

We're running very low on nominations at the moment, so I implore you: if you have a favorite story that centers on any specific character, stop by and nominate!

Our official website:

Our Live Journal (To keep up with the current noms!):

One of the categories that's running low on nominations is McKay, so if you're so inclined and you want to nominate a story starring everyone's favorite astrophysicist, pop by and do so. You can nominate as many stories as you like and up to three of your own works. Spread the word!

(Admin: If this post is against the rules, please don't hesitate to delete it)
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