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We Love Rodney McKay

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FIc: Losing Touch (McKay) | Rodney loses the ability to use the ATA gene... [19 Mar 2013|02:57pm]

Title: Losing Touch
Author: Winter Ashby (rosweldrmr)
Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis © Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper
Rating: K+
Warnings: McKay Whumping. Because I'm only happy when he's miserable.
Time Line: Somewhere between 2.16 (The Long Goodbye - the one where Weir and Sheppard get taken over by aliens and try to kill each other) and 2.19 (Inferno - the one where SGA1 get trapped on the planet with a super volcano).
Summary: The city was too quiet without it, too lifeless and dead. It reminded him of life before, of earth, of Antarctica and Russia and a time before cities could fly and swim and think. Before buildings could hum and light through stained glass could sing. Before he was whole, before he had friends and purpose and before, when the world was so much smaller. | Rodney's ATA gene therapy stops working and he struggles to cope while the rest of the team rallies to come up with a solution. But is there something else he's not telling them? [McKay Whump]
Authors Notes: I chose to set this fic during this period because it's when Ford is gone, Ronon is part of the team, Weir and Beckett are still alive, and the Dedalus (under an un-Goa'uld infected Caldwell) is making regular runs between the Milkyway and Pegasus, and before Michael comes back or Teyla gets preggers. This is sort of the period that I love the most, when everyone is there and happy and perfect. It was the Golden Age of the expedition.

This story is told through the perspective of John, Rodney and Radek, for no real reason other than that's what happened as I wrote. Trust me, there was no planning that went into that.

FIc: Frayed (McKay) Hints of McWeir | Tag to 'The Eye' [23 Jan 2013|06:12pm]

Title: Frayed
Author: Winter Ashby (rosweldrmr)
Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis © Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper
Rating: K+ for language
Time Line: Immediately following the retreat of the Genii in 'The Eye'. Missing scene where we see that Rodney was beat up much worse than they knew.
Summary: He thought about his pain and his remorse. His guilt and failures and if only he'd been braver, stronger, faster, smarter. If only... | What if Rodney had been injured worse than we saw in 'The Eye'? [Rodney Whump] some McWeir and ShepWeir, if you squint.
Authors Notes: I love to see Rodney in pain, I really do. I'm not even sorry.

Fic: Twelve Steps To Bodice Ripping (McShep, Markham/Stackhouse, NC-17) [31 Dec 2009|03:39am]

Title: Twelve Steps to Bodice Ripping
Author: padfootthegrim AKA Merrov
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: If I owned Stargate, they wouldn’t be suitable for general consumption.
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, Markham/Stackhouse, past mention of Sheppard/Jackson
Genres: Humour, romance, semi-crack (because, really, what fic with Markham and Stackhouse couldn’t be?), semi-AU verse (because how dare they kill Markham in season one?!)
Summary: “Leeeemoooons!” Rodney howled, unsure if he was laughing or having a panic attack.
Word Count: 3,721
Author’s Note: This crazy thing is full of inside jokes for fawkesielady_ed, who loves pining!fics, first times, and Markham/Stackhouse, among other things. It should be just as enjoyable for others, too. HUGE thanks to Anais for writing Dr. Jackson’s Diary, because really, without that, this would not have ever come about in this form.
Pressed for time, so this hasn’t been to a beta yet, but I wanted to get it out in time for sga_santa!madness!

Fic: Twelve Steps to Bodice Ripping
1 love Rodney

Haunted, a McBeck Phantoms tag drabble [11 Sep 2009|02:34am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Title: Haunted
Author: padfootthegrim AKA Gypsy Lupin-Black AKA Merrov
Rating: G
Pairing: Rodney/Carson
Genre: Angst, H/C, Established Relationship, Episode Tag- Phantoms, SLASH
Disclaimer: If I owned Stargate, they probably wouldn’t be suited for general consumption.
Beta: Ferryman
Archive: Yes, but tell me where.
A/N: I watched Phantoms again the other day, and it struck me that Barroso’s death would very likely affect Carson deeply. They didn’t go into it in the episode, which I figure gives me the window to do it myself. HUGE thanks to Ferryman for the beta and suggestions. Crossposted various places.

Find the fic here!

Don't forget to comment!


Hey Everyone [18 May 2008|02:56pm]

I'm a newbie to the group just wanted to say hi. I love Rodney!!!! -grins- 

[18 May 2008|01:22pm]

[ mood | cold ]

COMIC [Batman and Joker; Dark Night Returns and Arkham Asylum, Jubilee; New Warrior, Rictor; X-factor and X-Force]
Dead Like Me [George and George/Mason]
Farscape [D'argo, John, Chiana, Zhaan, and Aeryn]
Firefly [Objects in Space; Kaylee, River, Zoe/Wash and Mal]
60s Icons [Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison]
Saffron Burrows [photoshoot]
SGA [Atlantis, Mcshep, Rodney, John, Teyla and John/Teyla (Joe+Rachel)]

click here to see the rest


5 Drabbles in the Good Kid, Gone Missing 'Verse [25 Apr 2008|06:48am]

Title: 5 Drabbles set in the Good Kid, Gone Missing 'Verse
Author: gemmi999
Rating: R
Notes: These drabbles deal with serious subjects. Please be aware. Set within the Good Kid, Gone Missing 'verse. You don't have to have read the previous stories, but they do add clarification and depth to the drabbles.

Summary: 5 drabbles on various subjects, including: God, September 11th, Sex Reassignment Surgery, Couple-dom, and parental influences.

( Click Here )

[20 Apr 2008|07:24pm]


summary: a manip artwork of AU of Miller's Crossing. [mcshep] 

click here to see full-version.


[12 Apr 2008|03:13pm]

COMIC [Ricstar and ChamberXskin]
OZ [Beecher and Keller]
SGA [Mcshep, Teyla and Rodney and Ronon]
SGA CREW [Animated icons; Paul, David and Joe]
FIREFLY [Zoe, Wash, Mal, Jayne and River]
REAPERS [Sam/Devil]

follow the here for the rest 

[01 Mar 2008|11:51pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Comic [Cyclops, Jott, Phoenix, Wolverine & X-23]
Doctor Who [S1; Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness]
Farscape [John, Aeryn, Chiana, zhaan, Sikozu]
Firefly [Zoe, Rayne, River, Jayne, Simon, Wash]
avid Hewlett [The Boys of St. Vincent (1992)]
Rachel Luttrell [professional photos]
SGA [Mcshep, Sheppard, Mckay, & Teyla]
Stock [Lips, retro, singing, beehive hairstyle, glasses, girl, art, slash, women of India]

warning; slash and het

just click here for more


Fic: And Yes (McKay is a Slut) [27 Feb 2008|05:38pm]

Title: And Yes (McKay is a Slut)
Author: Gemmi999
Rating: NC-17
Notes: My first smut piece, please be honest. Written for Telesilla's prompt: I want some seriously kinky SGA porn in which either John or Rodney brings the other down hard using either heavy pain or heavy humiliation or--ideally--both. And oh man, so many bonus points if it's Rodney--still himself: all pushy and stubborn right up to the point where he's not any more--on the bottom.
Summary: “Please what?” John looked at McKay, waiting for an answer. “Please use you? Please touch your body and make it hurt, that good hurt that makes you come harder and faster then teenagers in the backseat of their parents car?"

Hello Thar! [03 Jan 2008|03:01pm]

Half pimping, half sharing the Rodney-lurve...

I bet you didn't know these existed!


And there's MORE over here:


And APPARENTLY you can play with them if you want to!
The Ronon is so cute >.>

It's like... a series of faniflms... Quoting from it:

" Corresponding video diaries of the members of Atlantis that follow a base plotline. Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy and Whump to follow."

You Like Me by KimberlyFDR (PG) [07 Oct 2007|01:09pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I was watching Irresistible this morning and...kinda committed fic. Yay! This immediately follows the episode and fit right in with the mcsmooch community, so I thought why not? :)

Title: You Like Me
Author: KimberlyFDR
Rating PG
Pairing: John/Rodney
Word count: 776
Disclaimer: When we're in another galaxy I can pretend I own them. Here? Not so much.

Summary: Rodney just wants John to like him.

You Like MeCollapse )

2 love Rodney

Announcing The Skiffy Awards! [03 Sep 2007|02:32pm]

Hi there! I'm an official representative of the Skiffy Awards (The Ultimate Character Centric Fan Fiction Awards), and I'm here to spread the news that the Skiffys are now accepting fan fiction nominations. The Skiffys are different from most other fan fic awards in that each character has their own categories and sub-categories, so that if you're looking for the best of the best O'Neill Hurt/Comfort or Sheppard Humor, you know where to find it.

We're running very low on nominations at the moment, so I implore you: if you have a favorite story that centers on any specific character, stop by and nominate!

Our official website: http://www.freewebs.com/skiffyawards

Our Live Journal (To keep up with the current noms!): http://community.livejournal.com/skiffy_awards

One of the categories that's running low on nominations is McKay, so if you're so inclined and you want to nominate a story starring everyone's favorite astrophysicist, pop by and do so. You can nominate as many stories as you like and up to three of your own works. Spread the word!

(Admin: If this post is against the rules, please don't hesitate to delete it)

The Jewel and The Regent [15 Aug 2007|09:48pm]

HUZZAH! On we go with chapter 2! Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I honestly have no idea if this is working for anyone... ^__^;;;

This chapter: Enter princess!John... or... well.. Regent!John... Wouldn't he be edible in Jasmine's clothes? *drools*

Title: The Jewel and the Regent
Pairings: McShep
Rating: T so far... will be NC-17 in later chapters. :D
Chapter 2: There's So Much More
Summary: In which John is irresponsible and runs away from home... Still an SGA version of Disney's Aladdin.
Previous Chapters: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3707373/1/The_Jewel_and_The_Regent

2 love Rodney

Countdown to Stargate Challenge! [13 Aug 2007|07:00pm]

Come check out kinkofthemonth's Countdown to Stargate Challenge!

Prize packs will include: An Ark of Truth poster; a SGA/ADB double-sided poster; Sheppard, McKay, Carter, SGA, SG-1, Ark of Truth & Continuum buttons. The grand prize winner will receive a Dog's Breakfast poster SIGNED BY DAVID HEWLETT, and acquired at this year's Comic Con.

Fic: Gen: Another Lesson Learned [07 Aug 2007|10:05pm]

Title: Another Lesson Learned
Author: The Angelic Vampire (vampiric_mcd)
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Focus: Rodney McKay
Summary: The most important lesson he’s learned, is this…
A/N: Unbetaed and my first SGA fic , most probably crossposted.

Another Lesson Learned

FIC [06 Aug 2007|09:44pm]

So, I started this project a while ago. It's an AU crossover of SGA and Disney's Aladdin. I am the lameness. Here's chapter one:

Title: The Jewel and The Regent
Chapter 1: One Swing Ahead of the Sword
Summary: Rodney has spent his life being persecuted for his work with Ancient devices. He dreams of a better life, but John knows that it isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Pairings: McShep
Rating: We'll say PG for now... it will be NC-17 in later chapters. :D

And if you haven't read it:

*drumroll* And here we go with...

GEN: Hospital Gowns (SG1) [05 Jul 2007|07:05pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Title: Hospital Gowns
Author: Tarlan
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: GEN
Summary: Rodney's parents loved him...but did they like him?
Note: Written for the fanfic100 challenge 027. Parents.




344 multi fandom icons: @ mymagicalstars [30 Jun 2007|11:02pm]


344 multi fandom icons:
Prison Break: 1.01 Pilot (62)
BSG: 3.06 Torn (65)
BSG: 10 for ar_icontest
SGA/SG1 for various icontest/lims communities (possible spoilers for S3 and S10) : (220)

Bellick: My God, you cons are slower than a spelling bee full of stutterers.

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